Urban Pollution

IBR has developed differing and complementary technologies to protect the skin from the damaging effects of pollution.
IBR-UrBioTect is protecting from multiple aspects of urban pollution including detoxification via deactivation of pollutants, demonstrated here through reduction of HEV-induced ROS production, chelation capacity; and increasing viability of micro algae in the presence of pollution, partially via detoxification and pre-biotic benefits. It shows ability to repair and reverse the effects of pollution in a clinical study in a smoking environment (cigarette smoke). All together leading to beautiful, healthy, balanced skin.
IBR-Gapture® has been shown to strengthen and tighten the skin gap junction connections and thereby reinforces the skin's barrier. This shields our skin from the harmful effects of urban pollution by preventing penetration of pollutant and particulate matter into the skin.
IBR-Pristinizer® prevents skin damage from urban pollution by activating detoxifying pathways within the cells which neutralize absorbed pollutants. IBR-Pristinizer® has been shown to activate anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory pathways in cells, and protects cells from damage to DNA caused by urban pollutants thereby extend their resistance and healthy survival.​

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